1. Yeah, it’s a better to choose the plant our own vegetables than buying it in the farm, Darren. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any backyard to do it, as I’m now living at apartment.

    By the way, those Chili peppers look so delicious! 🙂

  2. It was interesting and encouraging, and I’ll be interested to see the “mailbag” this week to see the response to this particular story! 😉

    Stephanie Alexanders’ “Kitchen Garden cooking with kids” looks fab!

    Wilson – if you have a balcony, perhaps you could have a fresh food “window box” and just have a few in season vegies or herbs?


    • @Chrissy: If you’ve got kids, that book is fantastic. I think they might have a copy in Kiama library if you want to check it out.

      @Wilson: As Chrissy said, a balcony or window box could grow you a few herbs or lettuces or something. Another alternative is to look for a community garden in your area where you could get a plot.

  3. Darren and Chrissy, thanks for the useful tips and I never thought about it before! Well, I think it’s time to get some fresh herbs from my colleagues and plant them on the “Window box”…

    • @Wilson: No worries! Post back here or email me some photos when you get them set up. It’d be great to put up an article showing that these things can be done in all sorts of accommodation.

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