1. Hi Darren. I would like to give it a go, but obviously Melton is a little too far away from the Illawarra.

    It definitely sounds like something we could promote within our sustainable living group!


    • @Gavin: Hehe, yeah, you’re probably a tad outside our municipal boundaries :-). Down the track, though, it would be worth your group investigating the funding and structure of the Sustainable Illawarra project and maybe proposing something similar to your council. It’s certainly been a good thing for this area, with lots of workshops and other events being put on and lots of community engagement. Hope Kim is feeling better, and catch you again soon.

  2. Wonderful to see you are enjoying the Super Challenge and encouraging others to join the second round!

    The closing date has just been extended until next Mon 18th May, giving some extra time for local promotion 🙂


    Ally (and I confess I do work for the Sustainable Illawarra program, and love meeting people with such enthusiasm for sustainable living through the Super Challenge program!)

  3. Hi Darren, would love you send out the word about our sustainable housing forums for the south coast and southern highlands. Thanks Kim

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