1. Donna

    Hi Darren,

    So we have officailly finished out sustainablity challenge then??
    Hope all is well at yours.


    • @Donna: No, I think our challenge has a bit longer to run. From memory I think we started about October or November last year? They probably moved the start date for round 2 forward, because the Sustainable Illawarra program funding ends around the middle of next year.

  2. It was fantastic to have you share your Super Challenge story at the launch of the 2nd round Darren – thanks so again much for coming along! Glad to see there was so much interest in what you’ve been doing, and resultant hits to your site!

    Yup, Round One of the Challenge is still going until Nov this year, just had an overlap because funding for the program activities finishes next June…which is a sad thought!



    • Hi Ally, I had a great time at the launch. It’s really motivating to talk to like-minded people, especially when so many live nearby here. Catch you at the next event!

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