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A Humourous Look At Food Additives

3 September 2009 4 Comments

I made this video some time ago, as you can probably tell if you know our kids.

Have a read of the labels on the products you’re feeding your children – if it sounds anything like what the girls are cooking up here then please stop!


  • Frugal Trenches said:


  • Chrissy said:

    Hilarious! 🙂

    Thanks for the giggle Darren

    Cheers Chrissy

  • Happyearth said:

    That’s great! Where did you get the song for that? I love it!


    Ally http://www.happyearth.com.au

  • Darren (author) said:

    The song is called “Food Additives”, sung by the Animaniacs (a cartoon).