1. What a wonderful local initiative! Good luck. I can remember when I was young my gran belonging to a garden club -they seem to be becomming popular again. I love the focus on growing food and that you are organising guest speakers.

  2. Donna

    Hi Darren,

    Thats fantastic. I was actually wondering if you would be at the next seed savers meeting but you won’t as you will be at your own meeting they are on at the same time. Wish i was closer so i could come. Maybe the next one.. PS.. I don’t mind talking about the Green Loans or you can hand out some leaflets for me… Cheers Donna.

    • @Tricia: I think it’s great to see so many young families interested in growing some of their own food. We’re doing organised activities with the kids so they can do some fun and meaningful (and maybe even educational! Shhh!) things while mum and dad are attending the grown-ups talks. It’s a great way to meet people with similar interests and values as well.

      @Donna: Yeah, it’s a bit of a bummer that it clashes with SeedSavers. Maybe we can organise a combined meeting sometime next year, and the two groups can get together. We have a lot in common. A talk on the green loans and sustainability assessments would be a great idea.

  3. Donna

    Hi Darren

    How did the meeting go. I didn’t end up going to the seed savers i was buggered after a very busy week so i stayed home and rested..
    The move is not far off now.

  4. Kerrie

    Hi Darren,

    Who & how do I get in contact with someone regarding the Jamberoo Community Growers – very interested to find out more detail.

    Thank you

  5. Emily Jones

    small gardens are very cute and could be well managed easily. we have 2 small gardens at home.

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