1. Leanne

    I read Michael Pollens’ In defence of Food recently. It is a great book, US centric but so applicable to us here in Australia also. He writes so well, and thoughtfully-but I feel that if you are reading such a book-you have probably made many of the changes and thought about the issues-how do we get people who aren’t thinking about; food,where it comes from,what is real food, food ethics, and making the right decisions about what we eat to read something like this-Michael Pollan’s message needs to be got out into the wider community. I love his message essence however: Eat food, not too much, mostly plants. Now, if I can only follow his manifesto.

    • @Leanne: It’s hard to know how much of Pollan’s descriptions are also applicable in Australia – so much of the US food system seems much worse than what we have here. But then again, it’s probably an indication as to where we’re headed if we allow the big corporations to dictate policy on things like food safety regulations, labelling standards, GMO trials, animal welfare, etc. It’s food for thought, so to say.

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