1. Andrew Fitzsimons

    Darcy has mentioned your work a number of times; well done.

    If you are feeling strong…………..Can I lobby you on Saturday morning sport. [ I have been busy previously in the Shoalhaven]

    Recycling at Saurday Morning community based sport is generally poorly done. Hard working committee members sellthe drinks for a profit; but the rubbish is formidable.

    Kiamashere could history by geting organised and promoting car pooling, healthy canteen food and recycling at Council venues!!

    • @Andrew: Thanks! The topic of recycling and waste minimisation at Council sporting fields has come up in the Kiama Health and Sustainability Advisory Committee before. It’s a difficult topic to address for a number of reasons, but we’ll continue to push for it. What were you able to achieve in the Shoalhaven area?

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