1. I hadn’t thought about the colour of the nets before! But you’re so right, the very reason black seems attractive to us is the same reason it doesn’t really improve the situation.

  2. My main bird problem has been with Blackbirds. They love digging for worms in the most inconvenient places. They redistribute the mulch burying seedlings in the process. At times they have also, almost, uprooted established shrubs as they dig completely around the trunk of the plant – especially after watering.

    We have to net our berries but were too late with the blueberries last summer and lost our first half-decent crop.

    I have now started to use bird netting over my cabbages and broccoli – to see if it helps reduce problems with caterpillars. The net (hopefully) will keep the butterflies out so no eggs can be laid.

    • @Tim: We bought some nylon lace curtain material at the second-hand markets to try over broccoli plants. It’s fine enough to exclude butterflies and moths, and was very cheap. I suspect they might be able to get through bird netting, though.

  3. Elizabeth

    Nice idea!

    In my garden, I need to be able to access plants easily – patches of different plants are mixed up and some are still young, others we’re harvesting from. My neighbour came up with this idea:

    1. You need a sturdy wire mesh, around a metre wide. Less cheap than net, but very durable.
      2.Cut lengths, I’d imagine about 2.5 metre, enough to make an arc of the desired height.
    2. Attach flat ‘side panels’ of the same wire mesh to either side of your arc, and cut off excess.

    You now have a wire mesh dome which holds its shape and is easy to lift and move. Works well for us, though I’ll certainly try your design for beds we don’t need to access so often.

    Funny how in some areas birds are no problem; in others, they can destroy everything you plant.

  4. Great job Darren.

    Here is a thought. Because cabbage moths look for the shape of the cabbages/broccoli etc. maybe the white bird netting will confuse them?


  5. The net looks fine. I also bought a net for my vegetable garden but still got no time to install it. But this one looks good, thanks for giving me an idea.

  6. Jenny

    Get a bunch of worms from your compost heap. Place the worms in a very strong solution of ROGOR (they will die in seconds). Let soak for half an hour.

    Rinse worms & spread them around the blackbirds’ favourite digging places.

    Blackbirds eating the worms will be poisoned to death.

    (only do this in situations where there are no ground-feeding natives, such as inner city)

  7. Julie

    I’ve got white netting over my tomatoes and hve eliminated the moth problem. I also use egg shells to deter the moths as they think one of their own is already laying their eggs there.

    However, I amstill getting snails munching away at my tomatoes and anything else they can in my vegetable patch. Nasturtiums seem to be one of the snails favourites and I have them planted to bring the bees and for brilliant colour.

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