1. Hi Darren. I found your blog via Gavin’s podcast. The roundup you’ve provided above is great – I’m especially looking forward to reading more about your pigs!

  2. Donna

    Hi Darren,

    I have not been around much of late. Have had big computer probs. Am am very crook with the flue… I will sit down and have a listen to the pod cast. Hey I just have seen Joe Salatin from Polyface will in in Aust. Aug. How exciting. Do you think u will be going?

    • @Donna: Hope you (and your computer!) get better soon. Yep, Joel Salatin is coming to Jamberoo in August (more info here: http://green-change.com/2011/05/17/joel-salatin-workshop-jamberoo/). The workshop is for farmers, or those planning to take up farming. I’d love to go, but since it’s not really aimed at my situation I don’t want to take up a spot that could be put to better use by a real farmer. I’ll wait and see if they fill it, I think.

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