1. You might also be interested in reading about our tiny cottage. It is a very small house (252 sq-ft) which our family built in two months for about $7,000 and which we use only 3/4 cord of wood to heat in the cold windy mountains of northern Vermont. The house is about 100,000 lbs of masonry inside an insulated envelope. It has a barrel vault arched concrete (ferro-cement) roof. We’re snug as a bug through our long winters.

    • @Walter: I had actually read about your tiny cottage, and it looks awesome. I think I’ll add it to next week’s list, since there were other tiny cottages I’d seen as well and they could go together nicely. I love reading about them, but find great difficulty in applying the concept in my own house! Still, it’s inspiring me to start shedding junk and reclaiming some of the space we’ve lost to storage boxes.

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