1. I’ve been reading your blog for a while and always enjoy other peoples poultry stories. Its never occurred to me to weigh the eggs but am now really curious to do so as we get some monsters. Also did you know that you can freeze egg whites when you have a lot and later they whip up nicely for pavlova’s etc.

    • @Anne: I like reading about other peoples’ poultry stories too. I get a lot of good ideas for our birds by seeing how others do things. I had read about freezing eggs, but we haven’t tried it yet. I’m checking out your blog now…

  2. Hi Darren,

    we had loads of eggs in December luckily but they have completely dried up now, mainly because we have a mite infestation I think.

    I had to buy eggs this week and I too was struck at how identical they all were. I have a mixed flock of Silkies, Wyandottes, Australorps, Brahma etc and every single egg can be identified as belonging to a particular chook.

    86gm has been my biggest from a RIR/Australorp cross and it was a double yolker, my favourite kind, as I don’t like egg white much.

    • @Greenfumb: We had mites recently too, but they seem to have cleared up now. Like Donna, I think it was the damp weather. I love the double-yolkers too; it’s like getting a little bonus prize when you open your cereal :-).

      @Darcy: With all their variety, eggs are a multi-layered mystery!

      @Donna: Broodies can be annoying if you have too many, or don’t have space to separate them out. If I had more fertile eggs I’d give you some to raise a batch of chicks!

  3. Donna

    Green Thumb we have just experienced a might infestation too! I think its this wet humid weather. Hopefully i have the situation under control now. Our hens have been laying pretty well. We have two broody hens at the moment that are a pain as they stop the others from going in there to lay.

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