1. Molasses isn’t hard to find – horses love it. Get mine at Poplars Produce at Kembla Grange. I make various garden tonics out of it myself.

    • @Meryl: Yep, I’ve got some molasses from a feed store which I use for the garden. I wasn’t sure if it was OK for human consumption, though, and especially for preserving meat, so I didn’t risk it.

    • @Anna: Thanks for the link – I’m checking the site out now. That is the style of cure I want to try next, so I’ll save the link for later reference.

  2. @Darren I’ve been thinking about it and I think if the curing process is sufficient to deal with anything raw pork has to offer, I’d say the molasses would pose very little risk. You might ask them to open a new container if you’re really worried. Otherwise I’m not sure of a human food source (ie comes in a jar). Maybe manic organic or another wholefoods specialist.

    • @Meryl: It probably would have been OK, but I didn’t want to do anything risky with this bacon, being the culmination of so much effort! I have seen it in a supermarket before – and it’s nowhere near as cheap as the feed store stuff. Probably comes from the same factory, too :-).

    • @Cottage Smallholder: Thanks for stopping by! Yes, I’m very happy with your recipe – it was so easy and low-fuss. Neither molasses nor black treacle are very common here in Australia, but I’m sure I’ll be able to dig some up for next time.

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