1. Pumpkins are certainly one veggie that makes sense to grow for anyone wanting to save $$$. They can take up a lot of room, but even a smallish area can produce a lot of pumpkins. We don’t have a big back yard but always grow a plant or two.

    This year’s pumpkin crop was the worst we’ve had. At best we may have harvested 10. In previous years we’ve had between 40 and 80 giving us plenty to share around with “willing” friends and workmates.

    • @Tim: Yep, space is one thing that pumpkins need. Since they don’t need much care, though, you can put them right down at the end of the yard out of the way. Did you have a very wet year like we did? That can knock the crop back a lot. Pumpkins are an excellent barter item!

  2. Can all those pumpkins really last for months? Any advice on how to store them? I am currently looking into growing veggies myself (going to start this spring)but thinking I will start with herbs first.

    • @GreenerMe: Depending upon the variety, pumpkins can be stored for 6-12 months! You do need to store them properly, though – I’ll write a follow-up post on that.

      Starting with herbs is very smart – they don’t take up much room and are very expensive to buy from shops. Plus, the ones you buy aren’t anywhere near as fresh as herbs picked straight from the garden. They also give a continuous harvest, and you don’t need to pick them until you’re ready to use them. Excess can be easily given away or dehydrated for storage.

  3. Yes we had a very wet year. The previous four had been very dry when 5mm of rain would have been seen as a good rainfall.

    Two requirements for long term storage of pumpkins:

    Don’t harvest them until their stalks have dried up (or at least cut a good length of stalk still attached to the pumpkin).

    They also need to be protected from frost. Exposure to frost before harvest will reduce their storability.

  4. Liesel

    I thought we had harvested all the pumpkins from this year’s vines, but this afternoon I found another one on the roof of the back garden shed – the choko has died off in the cold and the pumpkin had climbed up the choko stalks and spread all over the shed roof. I’ll be trying to replicate this next year by deliberately planting some pumpkins seeds next to the choko’s climbing frame – saves a lot of space to grow tough things on the shed roof!

    • @Liesel: Yeah, I love it when you find a bonus one! Just today I found a butternut pumpkin underneath a bush – my wife had trimmed the hedges this week and must have cut the pumpkin vine without realising there was a pumpkin up in the bush. Good idea to team up the chokoes and pumpkins!

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