1. Brilliant Darren!..I would never have thought of dehydrating them…although I just used up my very first zucchini in a tomato base I put up..(which I blogged).
    I think it’s fantastic that you have such a harvest…How many plants do you have in?
    I still have a few weeks I think until my next zucchini…lol…but hey..a harvest is a harvest….heheh…I’d swap you some zucchini for some large garlic cloves any day.

    • @NellyMary: I just saw it in the dehydrator instruction book and thought it looked like a good idea! We’ve got about a dozen plants spread around the garden, but some are in less-than-ideal situations and aren’t producing much, while others are in prime spots and pumping out the zukes. I’ll email you about a swap :-).

  2. hi d,

    thx 4 the info + luv ur blog by the way!

    …just wondering where u purchased ur dehydrator from? + how do u store the chips once bagged + [obviously] dehydrated?


    • @Mez: I bought it second hand off eBay – like much of what I buy these days! Lots of people buy them and don’t use them, then dump them on eBay. I keep the chips in airtight bags in a dark, cool cupboard. They seem to be fine, with no deterioration after a couple of months.

  3. Well,we have a glut of snow right now and gone through a load of cold weather.It was -37F last week,this week is +42F,the temperature is up and down just like a toilet seat.Can’t do much about it.As you know i had a little too much zucchini,not gone to waste though,shredded it and froze it all,using it for muffins and stuff.Going to cut down on the number of plants next year,Ha Ha.

    • @Bob: Hehe, yeah, I guess the northern-hemispherers won’t have much of a glut of anything right now, especially those in snowy climes. I wondered how you got on with all your zucchini plants! You must have a big freezer!

    • @Happyearth: Yeah, the rain has played havoc with ours too. A few of the plants have died, and the ones that are left aren’t doing much at the moment. It lets us catch up a bit and try some other vegetables though, eh?!

  4. i never thought of drying zucchini but this sound
    like a great idea, so i can have my favorite vege even after the
    season. thanks for the tip.

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