• @farmer_liz: I agree! My wife, not so much. At least we have a few out-of-the-way places here I can stash them where she won’t find them straight away :-).

    • @Madeleine: Even better, my workplace was giving away a bunch of old laptops, and I gave him one for his kids to use. He was stoked!

  1. Hi Darren,

    What a great find. All I find around here that are worth stopping for are plastic buckets that builders leave behind.

    BTW, loved your article in the Illawarra Mercury. Well done,


    • @Gavin: I guess it’s one of the benefits of a longish commute. I’ve found quite a lot of useful stuff – plastic crates, lengths of timber, buckets, tubs, water containers, timber pallets, even a few tools! I’ll try to write up a post about the Mercury story tonight.

    • @Sailors Small Farm: Maybe our roads are nice and bumpy, so things bounce out of the back of utes and trucks :-). I once found a water container, brought it home, drilled a hole in it and installed a chicken waterer, and then my mate (the same one from this story) saw it and said “hey, that fell out of my ute!”. He didn’t mind, though, as he had picked up half a dozen of them that they were throwing out at his work.

  2. Mausa

    I wanted something like this forever but earlier this year found one on the verge side collection less than 500 metres from our home. Unbelievable. Slightly larger I think made from metal with wheels on one end and handles on the other. I move it every other day and call it my weed n feed. I was so amazed that someone would throw it away.

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