1. Hannah

    Well done, keep the greening going! We have just had our first few workshops at our community garden, but no council support for us, so they will get no accolades or praise 🙂 hoping we can bring some more positive change and community attitude

  2. Virginia

    Congratulations Darren & family! I hope that you continue to blog – your posts are always so well researched & informative!

    • @Happyearth: Thanks guys! I haven’t had a chance to get to the bike shop yet to work out what kind of bike to get for Grace. I’m thinking either a three-wheeler, or one of those frames that bolts on behind a normal bike so we can ride together. I’ll post something when I figure it out!

  3. […] The Rowe family from Blackbutt will be opening their home for tours this year. I’ve known of Scott Rowe and his amazing sustainable home project for a while, but I hadn’t met him in person until earlier this year at an event during the Nature Conservation Council’s Illawarra Climate Challenge. […]

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