1. I had the same idea as Jamie! haha. Another idea – to see if there really are ravens or magpies stealing the eggs!

    I never knew these cameras existed. It certainly has me thinking of all the possibilities..

  2. Jeff

    That’s a good price.
    Also have you ever thought of an IP camera or simple security camera.
    These are really cheap on ebay and have the advantage of allowing live monitoring and immediate motion detection alarm alert. (eg if something attacks the chickens, you may be able to stop it)
    It could be a good option if the area you want to monitor isn’t too far from your house and computer.

    • @Manda: Good one! I blame the crows for a lot of things, but maybe the chickens have just stopped laying :-).

      @Jeff: I had considered those cameras – a friend at work has one and loves it. Unfortunately there’s no power near the chicken shed, and it’s probably out of WiFi range from the house. I may well end up getting one eventually, though.

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