1. Beautiful rooster! We use Rhode Is Red for laying and meat, and White Leghorns for some extra eggs. We have had trouble with neither of them being great layers (unfortunately they are show stock bred for looks rather than function), would like to breed them carefully to improve this, but don’t have time to track which hen laid which egg etc, so we just keep whatever hatches and carry on. My theory is that the best layers will contribute more eggs to the incubator and on average will continue their line by producing more chicks than the poor layers 🙂 The RIR are nice big roosters for meat though, WL are a bit skinny, but we still eat the extras.

    • @farmer_liz: I haven’t owned Rhode Island Reds, but they do sound very similar to Australorps in utility, temperament, etc. A lot of heritage breeds are bred more for looks than function nowadays, and are losing some of the qualities they were originally developed for.

  2. Liesel

    Would you be able to pass on the name of the breeder? I’ve had difficulty finding pure Australorps in the Illawarra.

  3. Cathy

    We have been raising Australorps for a few years now !! Love, Love, Love this breed. We have had White Leghorns and Rhode Island Reds, but Australorps have them beat by far. They are extrememly docile. I was spurred by a Rhode Island Red rooster a few years back. After an infected leg, chipped bone and tons of meds, we decided to change breeds. One thing I like about the Australorps is that they are dual purpose. You can use them for eggs, then process them for meat.

    • @Cathy: I love them too. I also love that they’re an Aussie breed, and very suitable for our conditions. I’m looking forward to getting some little boy chicks for the pot – if they grow as big as this rooster, we’re in for a feast!

  4. My Australorp is always broody! We only have one – the rest are either RIRs or crosses (between RIR and White Leghorn). I’ll go against the grain here and confess that I like the cross-breeds best. They are much friendlier, lay better and don’t go broody. They are so friendly in fact that instead of running away when you approach them, they squat and allow you to pick them up. Pretty brave considering that most of the time it is the pre-schooler or toddler that is doing the lifting!

    • @L: I’m jealous – I’m waiting for one of my Australorps to go broody, but so far no luck. I really want to get some eggs set and some chicks on the way!

  5. Mario

    @ Liesel, I just came across this site, i have a Australorp Rooster for FREE if you would like it, also i have a golden brown colour with black short tail feathers, both are for FREE, Im at Mt Warrigal 2528, if your still interested,you can call me on 0424-237-128.

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