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Rubbery Egg

17 October 2012 3 Comments

When I fed the chickens and ducks and collected the eggs this morning, I found this rubbery duck egg:

If you look at my thumb in the photo, you can see the egg squishing in.

Is this where rubber ducks come from?

Another blogger I follow, Christi, had a rubbery chicken egg not along ago. Check out her blog by the way, it’s awesome! Her stories of the goings-on around their farmlet are always entertaining, and I love the stick figure drawings used to illustrate them.

Rubbery eggs can be caused by low calcium (probably not our problem), stress (maybe – we’ve had a fox around, and thunder storms recently), or just weirdness (definitely plenty of that around our place!).

I also found a tiny duck egg this morning:

That’s a normal chicken egg in front of it, just for scale. I guess I’ll keep this one for next time I’m halving a recipe that requires three eggs.

Have you had any weird eggs lately?

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  • Deb said:

    I’ve been getting ‘jelly eggs’ from one chicken. I was worried she didn’t have enough calcium but they have shell grit and it’s supposed to be in their scratch mix too. Plus the others are laying normal (quite hard shelled) eggs. It’s good to know the other reasons it might be. She’s not a stress head like some of the others so maybe she’s just weird:)

  • Darren (author) said:

    @Deb: I’ve heard of another guy that has a chicken laying a rubbery egg every week or so. I guess occasionally a bird goes weird like that. He just hard-boils them and eats them.

  • Stacey said:

    Wow I have never soon this, interesting.