1. I think this is a great idea lying in the dark at night watching the stars.You would have to pay thousands of dollars here for a hot tub.We could only do it here though June though when it gets warmer,right now we have two and a half feet of snow.People here do go to the mineral hot springs in the Winter here in the mountains,although i have not done it myself.

  2. Danny

    Brilliant 🙂 I agree with Wilson about the critters. Would be nice if you could make up a hillbilly lid for the hillbilly hot tub. That’d keep those critters out.

  3. Paul

    June in Hobart, midwinter and enjoying the starlit fire bath overlooking the river and city lights. (If you can see it for the steam) Siphon the water on the garden tomorrow. Life doesnt get much better than that.

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