1. Jeff

    Thanks for sharing your experience, very interesting.
    You have put a lot of thought into the preparation.
    I really hope to get some meat rabbits eventually.
    Just wondering, do you feed the offal to the chickens?

    • @Jeff: I eat the offal myself, but sometimes treat the chickens to the intestines etc. The dog loves rabbit heads and feet, although the family doesn’t like me storing them in the freezer! Some of the soft parts go in my dam for the turtles and eels as well. Whatever’s left over gets composted. I’ve kept all the skins in the freezer for now, and plan to learn how to tan them soon.

  2. Hi Darren, I love reading about you raising meat rabbits. I’ve been offered a female meat breed. I was wondering if you have any males to sell or lend out.
    I’d love to see your setup one day.
    I’m thinking about encorporating meat rabbits in a layered system in my chook run…Don’t know all the details yet though.
    Would love to hear from you…happy living…
    Narelle (nellymary)

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