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Blackberry Pie

12 February 2014 One Comment

Last weekend we looked after our friends’ chickens and pigs while they were away. Keen eyes noticed some blackberry bushes along the paddock fence, so the girls and I returned later in the day with buckets.

I’m pretty sure we picked about twice as many blackberries as you can see in this picture. Isn’t that the way blackberrying always goes? Red lips give away the fate of the rest of the harvest!

Fresh picked blackberries

After a bit of discussion, we decided to make a blackberry pie. Who doesn’t like pie?

A greedy blackberry pie

The pastry was Megan’s always-delicious failsafe recipe, but we kind of winged the filling. It turned out pretty runny, so next time I think we’ll try tossing the blackberries in cornflour first to thicken up the juice.

Still, combined with home made vanilla ice cream it made for a deliciously greedy dessert!

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  • Edwin said:

    You’ll need to share what Megan’s delicious failsafe pastry recipe is!