1. Ari

    We have a very similar set of fence strainers sitting in the shed – they get used once a month on average (we’re very slow fencers) and are brilliant.
    My best find was a pair of hedge shears for $10. Top quality, so sharp! Beats the pants off our $40 hardware bought pair.

    • @Ari: Cool! Older tools are often much better quality, and made from better steel. Sometimes all it takes is to replace a handle, sharpen a blade, or spray a bit of WD-40 to bring them back to full service.

  2. Jeff

    Excellent bargains !
    I like that hand winch.
    I got an cheap chinese one on ebay.
    I use it quite often around my yard,
    but really should have got better quality.
    I like the way yours winches down as well as up – very convenient.


    • Jeff: I was only going to buy something cheap too, as I didn’t want to spend too much for very infrequent use. I was very fortunate to find such a good quality used winch at such a great price! It pays to procrastinate :-).

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