1. John

    Just read the Omnivores dilemma and was fascinated by the Polyface farm. If he went to Australia, does that mean there are people that look to start similar farms in Australia?

    • @John: There certainly are people in Australia that are interested in Joel Salatin-style setups, but I don’t know of any specific farms that have the system up and running. There must be some, I guess they’re just getting on with it and not seeking publicity. I’d love to see something like that around here – the land should be perfect for it.

  2. @John there are HEAPS of farms all over Aus using Salatin-esque systems, indeed some Australian farms influenced Joel in the early days of his setup, i believe. It’s a bit chicken and egg.

    Joel uses Holistic Management, Permaculture and a host of his own design systems to make Polyface what it is. He’s a great example of ‘beyond organic’ but there are many other like him, in Australia and beyond.

    Allsun Farm near Gundaroo is an amazing microfarm using Jole’s chicken tractor systems: http://www.allsun.com.au

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