1. I would be interested if you lived down here. I have a broody hen (Pekin Bantam), who is always on the nest. It would be good to have a few more hens.


    • @Gavin: Pity! I’m sure there’d be someone near you that would be happy with a similar arrangement – the hard part is finding them. Hopefully some people from this area will stumble across my blog and take me up on it!

  2. Next time one of our chooks gets broody I’ll let you know. The last one was about this time last year and I thought of asking you for some eggs but we weren’t ready to deal with any roosters. Maybe I could get some next time the duck finishes laying as she stays broody for ages. She might crush the eggs with her nails though. We’re looking forward to seeing Eric’s new chicks.

    • @Telela: Hi! Definitely let me know when you’ve got a broody hen, and I’ll fix you up. I can deal with baby roosters for you. The eggs I’ve got in my incubator are due this weekend, and Eric’s should be hatching the weekend after that.

    • @Alicia: Sorry, our chooks are not laying at the moment! We have about 6 or 8 who should be laying, and we’re only getting 1 egg per day (some days not even that). Might have to hang the axe over the coop door as a reminder :-).

  3. kelly

    Hi, you mentioned Illawara, how do we contact you? Just, when the chicks hatch, is there anything we need to know or do regarding raising them if we still have three to six layers (one broody at a time). Thanks

    • @Kelly: You can email me at darren@pool-room.com. I don’t have any eggs available at the moment – we’re rebuilding our flock after they were all wiped out in a fox attack. If you have a spare cage or pen, it’s useful to separate the broody hen so the others don’t keep laying eggs under her. It’ll also give the chicks a safe and quiet place to hatch and be looked after, away from the hustle and bustle of the main flock. If you don’t have the spare cage, though, don’t worry – we’ve never had other chickens attack chicks.

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