• @Donna: I’ll be bringing home the bacon soon :-). The pigs are currently hanging in a butcher’s coolroom. More information shortly…

  1. Hey Darren
    How do you handle soil erosion after they have cleared the land? Or do you plant a cover crop right away? With the amount of rain we got in December and the first part of January up here in Brisbane, there would not be any soil left if a pig tractor was in place!
    I am also curious to hear your response to Donna’s question.

    • @Jason: Soil erosion is a potential problem. I’ve mulched their most recent pen, and in the older pen I threw around handfuls of wheat just to get something useful growing and to stabilise the soil. Soil in both pens did wash downhill a bit while the pigs were in there, but not enough to be a problem. It would be better to keep them on flat land, though!

  2. Interesting information. What type of pigs are these? I hear the Kune Kune do not root as much as other types. I am looking to get the best for my situation.

    • @Olmec: These pigs had a Black mother and a Large White father. Apparently that’s a pretty good combination for robustness, fast growth, and good quality tasty meat.

  3. I’d heard about using pigs to clear land, and it seemed like a good idea to me, but I’d never actually seen any pictures. Thanks for showing off their fine work!

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