1. That is a lovely fundraising idea, far better than chocolates or donuts….Unfortunately I don’t know anything about bulbs….and I am wondering if any of the flowers can be dried, eaten, pressed or preserved in any other ways…Besides the wonderful colour being added to your garden and attracting our pollinating friends the bees….can you do anything else with the flowers? I would love to add bulbs to my garden and support your fundraiser if I can.
    Glad you liked my trivet idea…and thanks for including the link.

    • @NellyMary: Yes, we really liked the idea when we first came across it. The usual chocolates, pies, donuts, lollies, etc fundraisers aren’t very compatible with the reasons we started the garden club – to support people growing their own healthy food at home. Unfortunately all the bulbs are ornamentals. Some are probably suitable for drying or pressing. The nice thing is that the bulbs will multiply in your garden each season.

      Interestingly, ephemeral spring bulbs are not just a pretty face – they take up lots of water-soluble nutrients in early spring before other plants are actively growing, and release those nutrients when they die back in summer and rot down. Apparently they’re useful planted under fruit trees in a forest garden.

      You can read more here: Daffodils In The Forest Garden

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