• @Gav: It’s truly top-shelf stuff, Gav. You’ve obviously got it down to a fine art, and I highly recommend it to anyone!

  1. Todd Collins

    I’ve made paneer a few times (an Indian cheese). It’s really easy, and the most complicated bit of kit you need is some cheesecloth. Slowly heat some milk in a heavy saucepan, being careful to keep stirring to avoid the milk sticking on the base of the pan. Heat until it just starts to foam but doesn’t boil, then slowly add an acid with stirring until it curdles (I use vinegar, as I’ve heard that lemon/lime juice can flavour the paneer). Pour it all through a cheesecloth-lined colander, and rinse the curds in cold water with a bit of massaging/mixing to make finer curds and a softer cheese. At that stage, you’ve got cottage cheese, and if you squeeze the moisture out of it then press it in the cloth under a heavy weight you get a block of paneer. I use it a bit like a milk version of tofu in stir-fries, or it’s also good in a butter chicken sauce. I’ve also heard that if you keep the whey and boil the paneer in it, that makes haloumi (which will be my next cheese experiment, I think!)

    • @Todd: That sounds really interesting – you’ll have to make it the next time you’re down the coast! Butter chicken is one of my favourites too, so bring the Indian recipe book :-). We could have a go at making naan to go with it.

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