1. Hey Darren

    We processed about 30 cones last weekend. We had so many nuts I ended up selling 25 kgs at the BOGI meeting this week.
    I plan to try and make a bunya nut cake tomorrow. We’ll see how that turns out.

  2. I find that if I leave the cone on the verandah table for a few days, it dries out and the nuts separate without need for a hatchet. But then, who wants to avoid a hatchet? If I leave them for a few days longer again, the nuts are easy to get out of the shell – they just peel off. I’ve never had them explode on me, so I don’t bother with the nick the shell stage, though if I was doing them in an open fire, I might stay back from it just in case. I boil mine mostly – I actually like them better boiled than baked, but it’s a matter of taste I think. (Actually, I pressure cook them because its faster and uses less fuel). My favourite way to eat them so far is as is, with butter and salt or a dip. But my second favourite is in pesto. I have a good dip recipe at http://witcheskitchen.com.au/bunya-nuts-with-kaffir-lime-and-ginger-dip/

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