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[5 Dec 2008 | Comments Off on Chicken Sellers In The Illawarra | ]

It can be hard to find chickens for sale locally, especially if you’re after a particular breed. Here is a big list of all the places I found when I was looking:

Illawarra Mercury Classifieds (look under pets, horses and livestock, and for sale categories) Other local newspaper classifieds (Kiama Independent, Lake Times, etc) The Trading Post The Land Check notice boards or ask staff at pet shops and animal supply stores (e.g. PetStock Albion Park Rail, Poplar Pet Food and Produce, Jamberoo Country Store, etc) – use the Yellow Pages to find local shops. Check …

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[19 Nov 2008 | 2 Comments | ]

I’m really looking forward to the solar hot water information night on Friday. I’m hoping to find out whether it is possible to retrofit some kind of solar heating (or at least boosting) to my off-peak electric hot water system. It’s in good condition and it seems wasteful (and expensive!) to get rid of it just to go solar, so I’m hoping there’s an economical way to convert it.

Even if there isn’t, I’d like to get a good idea about how much a solar system will cost to install and …

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[13 Nov 2008 | 5 Comments | ]

We have three silkies at the moment, just about to come into lay. They’re named Seraphina, Luciana and Ro (yep, we’re big Barbie movie fans around here!).

We had a rooster named Molly as well (I know, my defense is that you can’t tell their gender as day-old chicks!), but we had to get rid of him. Kiama council (like many others) doesn’t allow roosters in residential areas, and he was starting to crow at 5:00 am. Fortunately, the good people at Matilda’s Farmyard Nursery took him off our hands. He’ll …

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[12 Nov 2008 | Comments Off on Swap Lightbulbs For CFLs For Free | ]

If you live in the Kiama area, you have an opportunity tomorrow to swap up to 6 old lightbulbs or fluorescent tubes for brand new energy-efficient compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) for free. Just take your old bulbs to the Minnamurra Waste and Recycling Centre (the old Minnamurra tip) between 10am and 2pm tomorrow (Thursday 13 November).

CFLs and fluorescent tubes contain small amounts of mercury, which is toxic to the environment and should not go into landfill sites. Other types of lightglobes also contain various hazardous materials as well.

Kiama Council is …

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[1 Nov 2008 | 4 Comments | ]

Yesterday we had our Sydney Water “Love Your Garden” session. For $33, a qualified horticulturalist comes and inspects your garden and gives you advice on its watering needs.

Our horticulturalist (let’s call her Linda) arrived bang on time. She was very friendly and knowledgeable, and understood right away where we were coming from. I explained about Sustainable Illawarra and what we were trying to achieve. Actually, she was really impressed with Kiama Council when I told her about the compost workshop last weekend, the free compost bin for participants, the subsidised …