1. Donna

    Hey Darren,

    Great work your pasta looks fab. Did u get my email re the dapto community gardens.

    Cheers Donna

  2. When I first realise I had an issue with wheat and gluten was over 20 years ago. Back then I made flour with a combination of rice, corn and something else (need to check my notes).

    Today however it is easy as you can by flour that is gluten free from everywhere (even Coles & Woolworths).

    Every meal I cook for the family is gluten free and no one can tell the difference (it is easier than cooking two meals).

    I actually don’t think wheat is a very good grain – there are much healthier alternatives.

    • I had a friend at school that had a gluten issue. All I really remember is that he had to have special breads etc. I still don’t really know much more about it than that, although looking into making things yourself and using alternative grains always turns up gluten and other intolerances as a motivation for many people.

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