1. First, try and reuse the functioning usable materials by offering them for free. Freecycle is often a great avenue for this.

    • @Jason: That would be a good thing to include in a Council public education program. The Illawarra Freecycle seems to be fairly active – although I’m not sure what would happen if a hundred people put old TVs on there in the one week!

  2. Last weekend, I drove past an advertising sign in Albion Park that had two TVs dumped behind it. Three hours later on my way home, there were 5 or 6 TVs there! So people are dumping, and they’re brazen enough to do it in broad daylight.

    I think this is a problem that’s only going to grow in coming months.

  3. I once saw a band called Man or Astroman? Their lead singer used to run around with an old TV set on his head. Maybe he’s in need of replacing his old one?

    • @Martyn: Sounds cool! I just Googled them up and found these old photos. Although, to be fair, with the amount of TVs we’re going to be faced with we’ll need every band in the world to start wearing TV helmets :-).

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