1. i have had heaps of lemons and all the recipes i have posted you could use with mandarins, take a look on my blog and see if there are any you fancy

    • @GoingGreen: Thanks for the ideas! Lots of good recipes there I can adapt. Your slow cooker rice pudding sounds nice too, I’ll have to try that one. I liked your garden nets in one of the photos – what do you use for posts? Are they sticks/stakes tied to star pickets? I have trouble with my posts rotting and/or snapping, so might have to try that.

  2. hey Darren, we used star pickets and steel posts all cemented in, the only one that is timber is the gate post. we used extendible tent poles for the two in the centre, they can be moved.

  3. I tried to preserve lemons the other day because I attended a google city experts event the other day and they were showing us how to do it. There wasn’t any boiling required when they showed us at the event but I reckon that was our undoing as the lemons got mouldly.

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