1. Good grief man, I’m hard to gross out, as you know, but that pic of the head caught me off guard!!!! Awesome work. Not sure if I’m up to it but glad you are. xx

  2. @Inner Pickle: Hope you enjoy the sample I dropped off :-). The head was kinda gross coming out of the pot, but once you start deconstructing it looking for the meat, it was a pretty interesting anatomy lesson.

  3. Meryl

    Do you know how relieved I am to hear that head cheese is not cheese?!? It sounded like the grossest thing ever, yet something I would have to overcome eventually to be a true snout to tail aficionado. Your attempt sounds altogether lovely.

    • @Meryl: Yeah, “head cheese” conjures up gross images! I’ve no idea why they call it that – it certainly wouldn’t have been invented by a marketing department! Now that we’ve done the snout and the toes (trotters), the tail is the last extremity left to tackle.

  4. My mum would love me to make this….but pickled tongue is the best she’s getting for now…lol. Where would one get a pigs head if you don’t raise pigs yourself?
    Well done with all that work. I love that your sharing some with your dad.

    • @Narelle: I was thinking of your recent experiments with offal while I was writing this! My Dad likes brawn, but I don’t think there’s any way I could get my Mum to try it. I’ve seen halved pigs heads in butchers before, although not often. I’m sure they could order one in for you if you asked.

  5. Meryl

    Just saw pig heads for $5.00 at the butcher. I think I might just summon up the courage to try, but will measure my pot first, and the head. Nothing worse than an excess pig head lying around I’m sure. Would freak out the kids.

    • @Meryl: Go for it! You could probably get the butcher to cut it in half, or even quarters. Did they still have the cheeks on for $5 – that’d be a bargain! I’ve got a weird mental image of you going into a store and asking for help finding a pot big enough for a whole head :-).

  6. Interesting…. I like the idea of using all of the animal, but sometimes the reality is more difficult (mostly just overcoming the mental rather than the physical). Thanks for sharing your method, I will try it next time we have a pig’s head.

    • @farmer_liz: I agree, it can be difficult to tackle the underused parts of animals. I’ve found it’s only really weird the first time (for each part) – after that, I don’t have any problem the next time. It’s worth it, as offal and scraps can be extremely cheap!

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